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About this eBook for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Containing hundreds of pages of text and original photographs, this e-book shows Haiti today through the eyes of its children. The stories are written by the children themselves. We have tried to capture the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the children- not only for themselves, but for their village, their community and the future of Haiti.

Each child's article was originally written by them to answer one, or all of the following questions: What I Wish for Haiti When I Grow Up; What I Want to Be When I Grow Up; The Person I Admire Most in the World and Why; My Biggest Hope in the World; and, Why I Want To Go To School.

Their translated work appears in English, and on the following page, their original reply written in Haitian Creole. Further, while many of the pictures of the children who authored the articles appear in this work - rarely does their picture appear next to their personal stories, assuring their privacy and identity.

All net proceeds from any sales go directly to Project Rennwish, Inc. (a 501c3) and for each e-book sale, we will earmark all proceeds for student education.

How to get get your own copy of:

Through Their Eyes"

First, if you have made a donation in any amount to Project Rennwish, we would like to send you a complementary copy of this ebook. Please, simply e-mail us by clicking here, and we will send you a link to download the file and installation instructions. It is our way to express our gratitude for your ongoing support!

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The Printed Version

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Installation Instructions (also included in the downlaod file)

You must have:
1) An iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with iBooks installed;
2) A Mac or PC with iTunes (version 10 or higher) installed;
3) The ability to SYNC your iDevice with your computer with iTunes.

First - download the ZIP
It contains two files:
- Install.txt (these instructions);
- Haiti, Through Their Eyes - John Dunkle.epub

Next - copy the contents of the ZIP file to your desktop;

Next - MOVE the file:
Haiti, Through Their Eyes - John Dunkle.epub to your directory that you typically store your music, or photos, etc. Frankly - it can reside anywhere on your computer, but for backups, I usually place it in the location that is backed-up on a regular basis.

Next - open iTunes. Now - with iTunes OPEN - simply DRAG the file "Haiti, Through Their Eyes - John Dunkle.epub" onto iTunes. iTunes will recognize the file as a "book";

Next - connect your device and it will open in iTunes

Next - click on your device, then click on "Books" along the top of the device window, select Sync Books and then select "Haiti, Through Their Eyes"

Finally - SYNC your device, and the book will be copied over..


Our Standards and Principles

Project Rennwish, Inc. is guided by some basic, yet demanding principles. Many of those principles differentiate us from other Non-Profit Organizations. In short - we do not "blindly give money".  Rather, we attempt to invigorate basic humanity and instill a "sense of pride" in peoples daily accomplishments.  In short:

  • We do not want to "run" or "own" any of the projects undertaken with our "partners"; but rather - we develop long term relationships with those partners who live everyday within those projects/villages, effecting long term positive change;

  • We only become involved with programs that directly effect core values of humanity and morality - such as education, care of those less fortunate, children who have no hope otherwise. We entrust our "partners" to maintain that same level of integrity and honesty;

  • Our "success" is not measured by what we "operate" or "own" (we do neither)- but rather, how our investments have changed a single child, a group of children, a family - or again - in this case - an entire generation of children in both the short and long term. It is our sincere hope that our "projects" outlast and persevere far beyond our mortal lives.

  • We demand integrity, moral ethics and irreproachable principles from our partners with whom we undertake partnership programs.