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Last Update - February 22, 2010:

I wanted to take a moment and express to all who have supported Rennwish the appreciation from the children, people and orphans we are assisting through our programs.  When I see them later this week, as well - I'll honored to be your "face" to so many...  

For that - here is a update on your giving:

Total PayPal Receipts      -  $35,925.36
Total Check Deposits:      -  $23,290.00
Total Cash Deposits:      -  $20.00
Actual Receipts - 1/12-2/21  -  $59,235.36
Total Checks Committed - En Route:  -  $150.00
Total  -  $59,385.36
Total Donations - Via Paypal  -  329
Total Donations - Via Checks  -  33
Total Donations - Via Cash  -  1
Total Number of Donations  -  363

Again - I wanted to publicly thank the North Country Region of PCA for their wonderful support of $5,000.  To that end, I have also contacted several other PCA regions, who I've hosted their web presence for years - including MetroNY, OCR and others.  I am hopeful that, they too - will join NCR Region in supporting our efforts in Haiti.  In the words of NCR - "we are proud to have a Porsche enthusiast do so much for so many in need"...  Aww - dang - in fact, I'm just "me" - and if you were me - you would do the same - and frankly, Project Rennwish started as a grassroots effort on Rennlist - and Rennlist has supported PCA events, gatherings and the PCA community since 1998..?  We did all that "together" - as I also believe it's about the "people", if you know what I mean?

As well, you are invited to visit these sites as well:
The Rennwish Facebook Page
and a BLOG I recently started: Rennwish Blog

In the meantime - my sincerest thanks to all of you who have supported so much of our work...  I'm not sure you know how appreciated it is  - or maybe you do know..?  - John

What is "Buy a Bandage"? 

It's a Rennwish (a 501C3) partnership with the people in Les Cayes, Haiti and Pwoje Espwa, also based in Les Cayes, Haiti, to subsidize the children, people and Hospitals in Les Cayes, for emergency medical care, supplies, food, basic necessities and relief of earthquake victims. As of today - all those items are depleted.

To "Buy A Bandage"  - PLEASE CLICK HERE......

Summary: Again - I wanted to thank all of you for your words, ideas, support and encouragement. As you know, many of your comments I've shared with some of our friends in Haiti. They are more appreciated thank you may know - or, maybe you do know?

Over the past several days - I've been trying to understand exactly "how" Rennwish can make the greatest impact given our limited exposure and, well - to be frank - limited resources. From our previous projects, we have selected programs, which are guaranteed to directly impact and influence the lives and education of children within Haiti. We believe we have been successful with our "partners" in those efforts - namely the children themselves, the villages, and our more formal partners, such as Pwoje Espwa.

The current crisis and disaster has only strengthened our commitment to the same credo - do as much as we possibly can to effect immediate improvement to those children, women, and men who, as I write this - are suffering unimaginable injuries and trauma.

Therefore, after communicating with Fr. Marc Boisvert - we believe, that together - you, Rennwish, the people in Les Cayes and Pwoje Espwa - can assist those injured children, women and men who might be otherwise overlooked immediately by the tremendous International Aid effort underway in Port-au-Prince, Petionville, Jacmel and some additional regions

The Goal: Immediate Requirement: $75,000 ($21,000 Medical/Supplies and $54,000 Emergency food/relief).

In the last few days, Rennwish has received exactly $5,042.00 in contributions earmarked for relief, with another $4,550 committed. All of those monies will be released for their intended purpose specified below. The remaining roughly $65,000 we hope to raise in the next few days - and with your help - by gosh - we can and will do it.

Mission: To subsidize the children, community and hospitals in Les Cayes, Haiti for emergency medical supplies, food, and basic necessities for its operation and relief of victims. As of today - all those items are depleted. In short, we will buy and distribute Medical supplies for the Les Cayes Hospital, re-stock Pwoje Espwa's medical clinic and provide medicine, food an comfort for many of the injured children, women and men who are strewn throughout the Les Cayes hospital grounds awaiting any relief whatsoever. 

The Purpose: All monies will be wired to our staff and Fr. Marc Boisvert directly into Haiti. As well - that is the same orphanage we partnered with to construct one of several planned Technical Schools. I trust Marc and his staff implicitly and since they are "on site" in the Cayes region - represent our primary partner locally for this huge effort.

As well, Marc assures us that if he had the money to acquire the medical supplies and food - he has access to them. So - let's get Marc that money so he can do his part to assist those most in need.

So - here is the dealů.

As true to Rennwish's and Pwoje Espwa's legacy - we believe that getting your donations directly into the hands of those most in need sends a powerful message. While we could purchase the items outside of Haiti, pay for packing, pay for shipping, pay for delivery into Haiti and pay more to get them into Les Cayes - that option becomes both cost prohibitive and doesn't allow the emergency supplies to get into the hands that need them most - when they are needed mostů Further, it also dilutes your donations with unnecessary packing/shipping/delivery charges. Our intention has always been - and will always be - 100% of what you donate goes to the programs. This program. "Buy a Bandage" is "one of those programs.

You may also ask that isn't this program outside what Rennwish has traditionally undertaken? Yes, it is. As you know, in the past - we have succeeded at building infrastructure in the care and education of children who can go on and change their own community as they mature. However, Rennwish has always responded to where there is the greatest need - which is why we have a legacy of programs in Haiti today. Today's need in Haiti is both acute and life threatening.

We are obligated to respond to those same needs today. Working directly with Fr. Marc, his staff, Pwoje Espwa and the hospital in Les Cayes as they struggle to make a difference in basic human life isn't an option. It's a requirement of "life" for us, the living.

We must not fail.

It really is that simple.

Our thanks,

John Dunkle

Fr. Marc Boisvert
Pwoje Espwa - Haiti