Project Rennwish


  • Our focus is clear and concise. We will endeavor to succeed in the world's most neglected areas and become the cornerstone and foundation to positively impact that person, family or community.


  • We will take risks to foster positive change. Our successes will be measured only by the degree of change we are able to effect - whether with one small child, or a community or a nation.

  • Each person that donates cash, time and effort becomes a "stakeholder" of this organization, and is vested as such as a colleague in these same philosophies.

  • All funds granted, donated and otherwise received will go to the intended designated cause(s).  Company directors, advisors and Rennwish ambassadors receive no compensation for their efforts, nor will they.

  • We demand ethical behavior from our associates, directors, stakeholders and partners - and no less so, from ourselves.